IE Cookie Handling Policies

This is a summary of Internet Explorer settings for handling cookies, under the so-called “Privacy” options; IE6 and IE7 are the same, although some of the wording has changed in the descriptions. It’s important to keep these in mind when issuing cookies. The Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies outlines some of the alternatives.

  • Block All Cookies
    Blocks all cookies from all web sites from being accepted, and won’t send any existing cookies.Should be renamed “Unusable”.
  • High
    Blocks all cookies from websites that do not carry a compact privacy policy (P3P) and cookies that contain personally identifiable (contact) information. A November 2007 study shows that only about 4% of sites use P3P, so this security setting is almost as unusable as “Block All Cookies”.
  • Medium High
    Same as “High” for 3rd party cookies. Also blocks first party cookies that contain personally identifiable information.
  • Medium
    As above, but rather than “blocking” first party cookies that contain personally identifiable information, it only “restricts” them. Efforts to find the difference between “block” and “restrict” have so far been fruitless. It may mean that cookies are accepted but not sent (how useful would that be?), or that such cookies can only be used in the same web page that created them (i.e. a restriction on the domain/path components of the cookie), of that the cookies are not kept beyond the current session.
  • Low
    Same as “High” for 3rd party cookies. No restrictions on first party cookies.
  • Accept All Cookies
    No restrictions.

In contrast, Safari (MacIntosh) allows the simple options: Accept Cookies Always/Never/Only sites you navigate to. (i.e. Always/Never/Only First Party). Firefox by default allows all cookies except where specific exceptions have been defined. There do not seem to be any Firefox extensions which emulate the IE or Safari behaviour – which perhaps places into perspective the real threat that third party cookies are(n’t) in general.


P3P Usage Survey

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