I used to have a notebook. Lots of them, actually. I’d write stuff up in them, but months later when I wanted to refer back – do you think I could find the right page? Or even the notebook???

So this is where I plan to keep notes of useful things, mainly of a technical nature, like maths, statistics, engineering and so on, anything else I think of from time to time.  If it happens to be useful to you, dear reader, good luck, enjoy, but don’t hold me responsible if you use something I wrote and screw up big-time because of it.  Caveat emptor, as they used to say (when Latin was the in thing).

The Author

Jon Schutz is the Chief Technology Officer of YourAmigo, a Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation firm in Adelaide, South Australia.  Jon has a Masters degree in Mathematical Science in Signal and Information Processing and an Honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  He has extensive experience in systems and software engineering, network and computer systems management, particularly on Linux.  Previously he has worked in the fields of radar and control systems.


Naturally, anything expressed on this site is the author’s personal opinion and has nothing to do with YourAmigo etc etc.