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Google Searches per Day

As of August 2007, Google is handling 1200 Million searches per day on average worldwide, according to a Clickz article reporting on Comscore data. Yahoo is a long way behind at 275 Million, and MSN at 70 Million. Baidu (a Chinese search engine) beats MSN, coming in at 105 Million.

2006 figures for the US only put Google at 91 Million searches per day.

In June 2007, Wikipedia received an average of 55.6 Million referrals per day from Google. Guessing that each Google search results in 2 click-throughs on average, that means Wikipedia is getting about 2% of Google’s organic traffic. Wikipedia is ranked #8 in Alexa’s traffic rankings, behind Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Live & MSN, Myspace and Facebook. Given that these probably get most of their traffic directly rather than via search engines, Wikipedia may be the most-referred site from Google.

Alexa’s top 50 is dominated by search engines and various forms of social networking sites, with Ebay, Amazon and a few porn sites thrown in.

Google lists its most popular search terms on a daily basis in its Hot Trends area. Leading up to Thanksgiving in the US, about 10% of the top 100 search terms contained the word “turkey” – turkey cooking time, turkey recipe, how long to cook a turkey, roasting turkey, turkey thermometer, turkey soup, and more. About 40% of the most popular queries related to Thanksgiving in some way.


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